Towing a Camper Trailer ? – Meet the SEEKER –  Walk up camper with the lot!!

The ultimate adventurist, the All Terrain Seeker has everything you need for unlimited expeditions to anywhere and everywhere.

If you’re thinking of towing a camper trailer, we’d like to introduce you to The Seeker – a walk up camper with the lot!

With the toughest build and extreme off road performance the Seeker also comes packed with the comforts required for longer trips such as an 80 litre fridge/freezer, ensuite and shower with instantaneous gas hot water, functional storage drawers and lockers and a comprehensive electrical system. This camper is totally self sufficient and really is a home away from home.

It’s a delight if you’re towing a camper trailer to hard to reach locations as well as through the city or on the highway. The sturdy construction of the Seeker make it a perfectly balanced natural extension of your vehicle and the well designed and sealed compartments reduce drag, saving you fuel. The sleek design and gunmetal grey duco also make it a very good looking rig and the envy of anyone who’s wanting to be towing a camper trailer.

Enjoy the gallery and click the headings below to learn about the Seeker’s specifications, features and benefits.

Then please give us a call on 0416 289 149. We love nothing more than to talk about all things to do with towing a camper trailer, especially if it means you’ll consider buying a Seeker or one of our other amazing camper trailers.


Features & Benefits

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