Off Road Camping in the Australian Bush

We hope you enjoy our off road camping images. They’ll show you how much we love camping and why we can proudly say that our campers are “Built by Campers – For Campers”.

We have been passionate campers for over two decades, and we’re especially passionate about being in the Australian landscape. There are many established camping sites throughout the country, but imagine if you could go further; to places that are rarely frequented because of their isolation or their difficulty to reach.

That’s where All Terrain Campers comes in. Our campers are built with remote, difficult to reach locations in sight. Every detail of their construction has been tested and proven in the Australian bush.

We’re very proud of that and would love a chance to share what we know with you in person. Please give us a call on 0416 289 149, or if it’s after hours, fill out our CONTACT FORM, and we’ll get in touch usually as soon as we can.


You can also have a look at our Facebook off road camping with all terrain campers on Facebookpage for more images of our most recent off road camping adventures.
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