4WD Beach Driving – Why leave it at home?

Beach driving is great fun but why should you have to leave your camper trailer at home?

An All Terrain Camper will go anywhere your vehicle can so no need to leave it at home, take it along for the ride and enjoy all the benefits that come from taking it with you. No more sand in your sandwich boring lunch stops either.

With your All Terrain Camper in tow you can use your fully equipped kitchen and live it up with a great cooked meal. If you are in NSW you can still experience some great beach driving at Blacksmiths Beach just north of Swansea where this photo was taken.

Be aware though that the sand is very soft here and you will need to lower your tyre pressures considerably so you don’t wind up sitting on a belly of sand and make sure you take a long handled shovel with you just in case.

It always pays to be prepared because Murphy’s Law will surely come into play if your not…




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